Why would the author of John write these letters?

John wrote this letter for a purpose. It’s a selfless act. He had hope that these stories, the ones that he chose to include will have an impact on the people of the early Church. I am not sure if he would have anticipated his words carrying on over 2,000 year later. I don’t know if he would have thought that years later he would have an impact on me, and you and that the Church he knew would have morphed into what it is today.

I am thankful to John. Even though he probably didn’t know it, sharing these…

“The world has come after him”

As the story of Lazarus spread, as amazing and compelling stories tend to spread the pharisees would have been desperate to regain the focus on themselves. As the news of this story spread throughout the land the number of people who grew in anticipation to see Jesus for themselves began to multiply. Remember that these are people that are living under both Roman and Religious Jewish law. They were oppressed, looked down upon, seen as less than and ultimately unimportant or having no value. As they heard of this and other Jesus stories, hope…

Chaos and power is the normal state of being. To those of us who have survived our own inclinations in the process of growing wisdom, it can be easy to look at those living by their urges and short term gains and wonder how things could have ever got that way. How could they have devolved or descended into the chaos that is now their life? This belief is a fallacy.

There was no descent, the problem is that instead there was no ascent. There was no growing, no wisdom gained, nothing moving from childhood to adulthood. Some people get…

February is Black history month and I want to take an active approach in celebrating Black history. Not simple recognition that lasts for a month, but allowing myself to engage in deeper understanding and celebration that brings forth important personal change. I need Black history month not just to remember what was, but to give me hope for what can be. Not at a token toward “racial reconciliation” but rather as a tool for “racial reconstruction” in myself and in our communities.

In preparing for this month I was encouraged by friends to dig deeper into the Church’s relationship with…

I see a lot of hype currently around Ford. There seems to be quite a few arguing for the purchase of Ford as a long term hold. The overall market seems to be pretty split on Ford, which is reasonable as the next year is a make it or break point for Ford.

Ford is the smaller of the US based auto manufacturer, but they hold a significant niche in the truck and commercial van segment. Ford’s only real current competition in this niche is RAM and currently all of Ford’s offerings are measurably better, both in consumer experiences and…

The snow has started to return to MN and the days are increasingly become in shorter. The sun is now setting around 5p every night…. For some this is unwelcome sign of what is to come over the next 6 months. For me and many others in Minneapolis in the midst of everything 2020 has thrown at us, with the return of winter we can breath a bit of a sigh of relief. Everything is slower in the winter. The pace of life just becomes slower. …


Is creativity something that just happens, or is it a skill we can intentionally build? Is it the equivalent to your height or shoe size, or is it like playing an instrument? When we think about the things we deem “creative” it is cleat that these things are learned and developed skills, yet when think of creativity as a whole it feels like some people are born with it and others aren’t. Why does that disconnect exist?

I grew up playing a lot of sports. I definitely had the athletic side of who I am as a focus for…

Today we are continuing our walk through the books of Ezra and Nehemiah.These books can feel disappointing when read, but in the disappointment there is potential for change. In seeing and feeling the disappointing moment there is hope in Jesus. These narratives point towards the need for Jesus, the Messiah.

Last week we talked through the first six chapters of Ezra. The narrative of Zerubbabel being sent back to Jerusalem out of exile to rebuild the temple as was promised and predicted by the prophets.

Then the Samaritans come to Zerubbabel and say “we have been worshiping your God and…

A message from Corner Church in Minneapolis, MN

This is the start of a new series focusing on the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. Chronologically they are at the very end of the old testament (the only writing after was the book of Malachi.) Originally written as one whole text, they can be read in a disappointing light. One of the main challenges of this series is remembering and being reminded of how we grow more in challenge and failure than in success and ease.

A lot of story happens between Genesis and Ezra.

God’s covenant with Abraham.

Joseph’s slavery and rise to power in Egypt.

Joseph’s descendants…

This blog is adapted from a series of conversations from Corner Church in Minneapolis, MN.

It’s fascinating to think the catalyst for this series was Covid-19. Or at least that is what we thought. But what has become true is the recognition of the failings of society and culture, failure of systems and governments, and ultimately failure of the person.

The “into the unknown” moments for me have been overwhelming to put it lightly.

I have run the gamut of responses to the unknown. Hiding. Pretending to have the answers. Avoidance. Just putting my head down and working.

After anxiety levels started to fall and I could look at reality objectively I decided to lean…

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