• Don Ford

    Don Ford

    Please join my son's fundraiser. Send any amount to http://tinyurl.com/q2mzmza

  • Geoff Surratt

    Geoff Surratt

    I am a Christ-follower/husband/dad/grandad. I write about church leadership at geoffsurratt.com. I write about evertyhing else here. And I prefer pie.

  • Chris Swain

    Chris Swain

    Christian, Husband, Father, Reader, Writer. Editor, LifeWay Christian Resources.

  • Brad Barber

    Brad Barber

  • Malcolm Cox

    Malcolm Cox

    Author, speaker, musician & Solutions Focussed coach: http://www.malcolmcox.org/ Minister to http://www.watfordchurcofchrist.org.

  • Paully D

    Paully D

    Jesus freak, coffee and whiskey enthusiast with a love of 29er bikes and nordic skiing.

  • Pastor Carl Johnson

    Pastor Carl Johnson

    Natural born evangelist,poverty breaker, church planter, future columnist,professional social changer, Husband, Dad and friend of God.

  • Greg Ellis

    Greg Ellis

    Teacher and Coach — always working on the next action step!

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