The Power of Crock-Pot Thinking

Simmer Your Way to Success 🍲

Greg J Barber


Ever tossed a bunch of ingredients into a crock-pot and let it do its magic? Hours later, you get a dish that’s more flavorful and fulfilling than anything you could’ve cooked up in a flash. The same philosophy applies to achieving our goals and making informed decisions — let’s call it “Crock-Pot Thinking.”

What is Crock-Pot Thinking?

Crock-Pot Thinking is all about giving your thoughts the time they need to stew, simmer, and essentially, caramelize. It’s about mulling over ideas or decisions before taking a bold step. Like a good slow-cooked meal, the best decisions often come from thoughts that have had ample time to meld together and ripen into clarity.

A Personal Example: The Financial Decision List

I’ve got this trick I use for significant financial decisions. I call it “The List.” Whenever I come across something I feel like I absolutely must have, I put it on The List. Instead of impulsively clicking “Buy Now,” I set a timeframe that feels uncomfortably long — say, six months, for example.

Here’s the kicker: If I still crave that item six months down the line, I know it’s a valuable addition. But more often than not, the urgency fades, and I realize it’s not…