Is creativity something that just happens, or is it a skill we can intentionally build? Is it the equivalent to your height or shoe size, or is it like playing an instrument? When we think about the things we deem “creative” it is cleat that these things are learned and developed skills, yet when think of creativity as a whole it feels like some people are born with it and others aren’t. Why does that disconnect exist?

I grew up playing a lot of sports. I definitely had the athletic side of who I am as a focus for the majority of my life. I worked hard to be better, faster, stronger, etc… This was at the cost of me developing my creative and artistic side of my self. I had great appreciation for the arts, yet because it was not a focus of mine, it led to insecurity in my creative abilities. I often told people that I wasn’t that creative, I didn’t have it in me, I wasn’t born with it.

I now know that non of that is actually true. It took me almost 30 years of my life to realize that I did have creativity in me. That I was born with everything I needed to be a “creative” person, whatever that means…

So today I am re-committing myself to learning about that side of myself. I am going to create as a means to grow and engage in a part of myself that is under developed. My creating is not for others, it’s not for you, it’s for me first and foremost. These videos, my photography, my writings, are not to be viewed as completed works, but rather as a steps towards a more creative Greg.

I really believe that if you want be better as something you need to do it often. So I am going to start doing these things daily. I am going to write every single day. I am going to take at least one good photo every day. I am going to edit and post a photo every day. I am going to vlog and make a video every day.

I’ll need to remind my self that the goal is not perfection, but the goal is to get better. A perfectionist is just someone who insecure in hiding. I can’t continue to let these insecurities stop me from becoming who I was created to be.

Would you join me in this process? Would you consider taking a step out of yourself and examine where your insecurity lies? Would you commit to stepping into that insecurity daily? The thing you know you need to be doing, but always have convenient excuses not to. Let’s commit to confronting that together. Join me in the journey. I’d love to hear what you’re committing to doing.

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