Navigating the Ethical Minefield of the Red Market

Book Review: “The Red Market” by Scott Carney

Greg J Barber


Scott Carney’s “The Red Market” is a riveting and at times unsettling exploration into the murky waters of human organ and tissue trade. It’s a book that doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable truths about the commodification of the human body, forcing readers to confront the dark, often hidden side of what might seem like life-saving miracles.

Carney delves into the paradox of our times: our increasing reliance on human body parts for medical advancements and the ethical quandaries this dependence creates. His exploration is a stark reminder of the line capitalism must tread carefully. Carney’s insights highlight the potential for misaligned incentives, particularly when profits are prioritized over the dignity and rights of individuals.

The book’s most disturbing revelation is the ease with which illegal or immoral practices can be sanitized and accepted, hidden behind a veneer of necessity or ignorance. This observation resonates deeply with me; it’s chilling to consider how desperation or ignorance can lead to turning a blind eye to the origins of life-saving materials.

Carney’s incisive commentary on the economics of organ markets is equally compelling. His comparison of the organ trade to global…