A conversation on rebuilding relationship with God

In what ways has humanity validated atrocity?

How has humanity responded historically to atrocity?

Let that conversation continue forever. Don’t let it resolve. Let yourself be continually drawn back into it. Let it open the door for perpetual self evaluation and internal change. May we never be individuals and in turn, a church community, that is willing to validate atrocity for any reason. Let us be people who speak out against atrocity wherever we see it. Because that’s the heart of God. His heart is firmly planted in justice and He is constantly advocating for those who have had atrocities committed against them.

How can a person whole heartedly be trying to do the will of God and completely miss the will of God?

Between chapters 6 and 7, 50 years have passed.

What happens when connection to God is only seen as an external practice and not an internal change?

The last three books in the old testament in chronological order are Ezra, Nehemiah, and Malachi. Malachi, 100 years after the return from exile, is a letter of challenges of how the Isralelites are living. Didn’t you learn? You’ve gone right back to the failings of your ancestors.

What are the results of seeing connection to God as only being an external practice and not an internal change?

All of this mess and then an abrupt ending. The frustration. This pushes me to what I think is the emotion that Jesus had in Matthew 23.

Do an internal SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of your internal being in relationship with Christ.

Take It Deeper Questions

  • Read Matthew 23:25–26
  • Share your worst restaurant experience.
  • Why do people feel pressure to look good to others?
  • Why do Christians feel similar pressure?
  • What are the issues you have discovered with living life and faith as an external show?
  • How does internal transformation affect all of these external pressures?
  • How are you focused, challenged and encouraged by Jesus’ words today?



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